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The Custom Wedding Invitation Difference

custom wedding invitation

Why chose to design a custom wedding invitation suite when you can just go online to a big-box store?

Oh, girl, there are so many reasons! I’ve listed out my top three below! Think the custom route may be for you? Fill out an inquiry form to tell me more about your wedding or download our 2019 pricing guide!


Does the big box store know your likes and dislikes, wedding inspiration and the things you and your fiancée hold dear? Custom design gives you one-on-one time with a designer to talk about all of those things. It’s my job to take that information and create something Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding day and capture the personalities of you and your fiancée – they let guests know what to expect and get excited about envisioning your big day. Things like a custom monogram can make a big difference (and give you a fun way to brand your wedding!). A big-box store may match your colors and formality, but it likely won’t match your wedding day as well as a custom designed invitation suite.

Time and Confidence

Does the big box store tediously assemble, address, stuff and pack your invitations? Probably not. And, if they did, I wouldn’t trust it enough to not go through and double check everything myself. You have a million things to do when you’re planning a wedding. Invitation assembly and addressing shouldn’t be one of them. Through custom design, you’re buying precious time during a busy season. On top of that, you can rest assured that every detail of each suite is picture perfect – I triple check every envelope and assemble each suite with love and care. After all, I want to make sure my brides are over-the-moon happy and I would never want something sub-par to represent my work.


Think a human hand touches each invitation during printing and inspection when you order from a big-box store? Think again. Though custom designed invitations can fit many budgets, they’re often pricier than a big-box store – the quality sets them apart from the pack. Not only is each element of the suite designed by hand, but only the highest quality materials are used and each piece of paper is printed by hand. In the case of foil or letterpress, each paper is printed on a custom-made plate on vintage machines that require pages to be fed by hand. Each piece is truly a piece of art. After printing, each piece is thoroughly inspected and any that don’t meet our high standards are discarded. Only the best will do!

custom wedding invitation

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