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My Favorite Products | Calligraphy Supplies

Today, I’m continuing the rundown of my favorite products with more calligraphy supplies! From addressing envelopes to perfecting your calligraphy skills, this list of calligraphy supplies is perfect for you!

If you haven’t seen the first part of this series, hop over here to read about my favorite pens, nibs and inks.

Calligraphy Supplies

Black & Decker Laser Level

If you can write in a straight line without any assistance, you are a far more talented person than I, girlfriend. I have a horrible combination of not being able write in a straight and also having an eye for details like that. 🙈 It’s a curse. Truth be told, I use a tool called a slider writer when I’m writing on any kind of paper but, for some reason, they have mysteriously disappeared from all stores. A simple level like this one and a clipboard will also do the trick (just make sure that the laser is projecting a line level with the paper edge!). Bonus: Laser levels like this are also handy for larger projects like signs and seating charts.

Calligraphy Supplies


Another handy substitute for the slider writer is the Lettermate – it’s especially handy for writing the lower lines of an address in sans serif or monoline formats.

calligraphy supplies

Strathmore Practice Paper

Practice makes perfect! Strathmore is a great brand of art paper (I love their cold press watercolor paper, too!). This paper is smooth like buttah and great for practice!

calligraphy supplies

The hardest part of calligraphy for me? Consistency in the slant of the letter. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Lined practice papers like this have slanted lines to help you make sure all of your letters are slanted the same amount.

calligraphy supplies

Travel Ink Bottles

These babies aren’t just for travel. I tend to pour out a little bit of ink at a time – it not only makes it easier to dip the nib in, but it also keeps the entire bottle from drying out. They’re also super handy if you’re custom mixing inks (like the PearlEx or Bleedproof White!) If you are traveling with these bottles (or any others), double bag them in a ziploc bag. Especially if you’re traveling by place. JUST TRUST ME. 😳

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