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Behind the Scenes: The Design Process

Want to take a sneak peak behind the scenes of working with a designer? Today, I'm sharing snippets of the entire design process of Taylor and Randy's wedding invitations to give you a look at everything that goes into custom design. I work closely with my clients to make sure every single detail is perfect!


After Taylor and her mom, Doris, completed my inquiry form, I sat down with them and their wedding planner, Amy from All Things Planned, to figure out our game plan. The ceremony and reception were being held at the gorgeous Peach Creek Ranch in College Station. They had planned a gorgeous romantic meets modern feel – flowers upon flowers everywhere mixed with modern elements like acrylic chairs and centerpieces. We certainly wanted to make sure the invitation reflected both styles and explored a few different ways to make that happen (more on that below!).

We did have one definite to work with and that was the color scheme. Navy, gold and cream. The floral print on a liner I had used in another suite was also a big favorite so we set that aside to include, too. During our meeting, we also decided on the best combination of papers and printing methods to maximize the budget. Gold Satin foil on Lettra Pearl 220# paper for the invitation combined with digital print on a slightly lighter weight paper for the inserts. There was one non-negotiable: gold hand calligraphy for the guest addresses!

Knowing early on what printing methods and papers we were going to use made my job of creating mock-ups so much easier. Wedding invitation suites have a lot of decisions and moving parts that can be hard to visualize – I always want to create a digital image that is as similar to real-life as I can get.

The Design Process

Just how much input does a client have when creating a custom invitation piece? A LOT! We go through three rounds of designs (with more available if needed) to create the perfect suite. If I'm torn on what the client is going to like, I always present a couple of options so they can compare them side by side. I know there are a lot of decisions involved in wedding planning and I want to make these as easy as possible!

Round 1: I started off with three different ideas for the first round of designs. I included a more traditional-looking suite with a monogram (also something they wanted to somehow include!) and line border (Above, left), an abstract/modern style suite with geometric lines (above, right) and a suite that fell in the middle of the two.

After discussion, Taylor and Doris agreed that they liked the monogram but didn't want to include it on the invitation itself - we decided to include it on the day-of details like the programs and napkins instead. They also agreed that they really liked the traditional suite with the line border and the most modern suite with the geometric lines...but something just wasn't quite right as is. That's why we go through three rounds of designs!

Round 2: For round two, I played with the idea of removing the floral envelope liner for one with some texture or a digitally-printed monogram. We made a few adjustments to the line border suite and removed the monogram. Then we came upon the hardest decision of them all - the names! The bride went had gone by her middle name, Taylor, all of her life but, traditionally, wedding invitations are worded with the bride's first and middle name followed by the groom's full name. And the groom, Randy, didn't have a middle name! This was the perfect instance of where I think it's great to bend the rules on tradition and etiquette to make your wedding invitation fit your preferences.

Round 3: Ultimately, Taylor and Doris decided to stick with tradition on the names. The last decision to make was how to include information about the attire, ceremony and transportation. We ended up combining these two mock-ups - choosing the invitation from one and the details card from another! I combined the two items in a one mock-up for their final proof.


The final product, photographed by the talented Kati Hewitt Photography, was gorgeous!

Ready to get started on your custom wedding stationery? Head over to our inquiry form to get started!

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