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2018 in Review

January + February

To be honest, January and February of 2018 are a complete blur to me. I was up to my ears in three full design and calligraphy invitation suites at once but, honestly, I have no idea what else went on – and I even flipped back in my calendar to try to jog my memory! 🙈 I hit the point of burnout from juggling a stressful full-time corporate job and my own small business and learned the hard way just how much of a toll that too much stress can take on your body and health.

March + April

The highlight of a crazy busy March and April was most definitely the gorgeous Scheurer Wedding . From a romantic blush and gold invitation suite to a custom seating charts, What-A-Wedding late night snack stickers to agate stone place cards, this wedding soared to the top of my all-time favorites list.

May + June

May 18, 2018 was the last day at my corporate job. 😳🙌🏻 To be completely transparent, resigning from my corporate job wasn’t even a realistic thought in my head when 2018 rolled around. Owning my own business and working for myself full-time has always been my long-term goal – I just thought that was still at least a year or two away. But, I learned once again that God’s plans are generally far different than mine 😂 and that I have the most supportive husband around. Between support from those two guys, I took a leap and made my entrepreneurial dream come true.

At the end of May, we hopped on a plane headed to Hawaii for TEN WEEKS. My husband had a required internship as part of his graduate program and somehow drew the short straw 😉 to complete a project for a ranch in Waimea, Hawaii on the Big Island.

My first major project as a full-time creative entrepreneur was a complete overhaul of New look, new platform, new host – the whole shebang! I launched this labor of love in June.

July + August

In July, we hopped over to Maui to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, spent time with family that traveled over to Hawaii to visit us and soaked up the last few weeks of our Hawaiian adventure (AKA eating all of the malasadas we could get our hands on. 🤤). I worked a lot on the back end of my business during the summer, creating systems and workflows, changing to using Dubsado for client management and all of the other things that are so vital but easy to push aside. In a way, it was a great way to start off being self-employed because it made me focus on the hard stuff.

We got back to Texas the first week of August and I think I spent a week adjusting to the South Texas heat and time change. 😜 We loved Hawaii but….ten weeks was a long time to be without my puppy dog Penny!

September + October

September was spent continuing to get in the groove of working for myself and completing a super fun Save the Date suite. Most importantly, I learned to shift my thinking from balancing two jobs to balancing my business and my personal life. I made time to enjoy my morning workouts (and no longer felt like I had to constantly break to check and reply to emails) and vowed to put the work away when my husband comes home. After three years of juggling two jobs and neglecting everything else, it was a weird shift to make but I’m oh so grateful that I did it!

October brought a lot of growth for my businesses and I had the opportunity to meet some ridiculously talented local vendors, including Weddings by Diana Boucher. I collaborated with Diana on handmade paper reception details that I’m still swooning over – the above photo by Bend the Light Photo show just how much gorgeous texture was involved.

November + December

2018 ended with a bang! I started a huge, gorgeous invitation suite for a Spring 2019 bride (can’t wait to show you that one soon!), I collaborated with Socials in the South on a huge mirrored seating chart and wooden reception signs and I just about sold out of our first Holiday Ornament collection (there’s just one left!).

It was a crazy busy couple of months and, when I looked at my schedule, it certainly mimicked the first two months of 2018. The funny thing is how much everything else had changed. I took time off from my business, didn’t have time to schedule social media posts over Christmas and didn’t worry about it, I spent time with my family, I rested (which is why this blog post is a little late 🤷🏼‍♀️), I took care of myself and, though I worked a lot, I enjoyed every bit of it.

2018 was a wild ride and it already looks like 2019 will be just the same. We’ll move, my husband will graduate and start a new job, I’ll adjust my business to a new city and I have a few more surprises up my sleeve for y’all! Thanks for supporting my little business in 2018 – I’m excited to share more with you this year!

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